Features that will help your clientele grow

All the tools you need in one place, no need to learn how to use multiple tools.


Appointments & Administration

Manage appointments, staff, services and clients. All in one place.


Book appointments for your clients or let them book online. Appointments may be recurring or regular.

Pending Appointments

Approve, cancel or reschedule them manually or set Veerlon to do that automatically.


Ask your clients to confirm their appointment or simply remind them of it automatically via SMS.


Make your services visible and easy for clients to book.


Every new customer from your site will also be automatically added as a client.



Reach out to new clients and bring existing clients back.


Create and share coupons on Social Media and track their progress.


Reach your existing clients via email with coupons and bring them back to your chair.

Online Sales

Online Store

Create an inventory of products on Veerlon and sell your products online or in store.

Online Store

Want to expend the ways you can create extra income? Sell products on your site or in store.

Electronic Gift Cards

No more paper cards. Sell electronic gift cards online!

Instant Website

Instant Website

No need to be tech savvy or a website expert!


A website that adjusts to you, there isn't much you will need to learn.


Connect your account with Instagram, create a page with a hashtag and let Veerlon do the rest.


Create a video gallery with YouTube videos or Vimeo. You don’t need to enter a title or adescription; we will do that for you.


Show potential clients what your existing clients think of your services


Make it easy for your new clients to know what you offer.

Photo Gallery

If you’d rather be in control of your own photo gallery, you can upload only the pictures you want to display on your site.

Custom Page

Create a custom page and enter the content the way you prefer.


Let your clients contact you from your site by filling out a contact customizable form. Every form will be sent to your e-mail.


Create your own blog and let the world know what your business is up to.

Sell Online

Add your store online and manage your sales through Veerlon online sales tool.

Online booking

Don't leave your clients lost, give your them an easy way to book with you fast and easy.